Friday, February 8, 2013

RAW Chocolate, Tahini and Hemp Protein Balls

Wow, well a nice big fat happy HELLO to everyone!!! It's been a good 7 MONTHS since i last posted!!! It doesn't feel like it's been that long because soooo much has happened in my life, but I guess like the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun!!

For those who don't know, I am almost 6 months pregnant with a gorgeous baby girl! :) And now living in beautiful Carlsbad, California!! Now that I feel like I'm finally settled again, and I have some time on my hands - I'm going to start blogging again like crazy!! I have sooo many exciting delicious recipes I want to share, and I'm super excited to start sharing my journey of health throughout my pregnancy and into motherhood... Losing that baby weight AND then of course my journey into raising the most healthy little baby you have ever seen ;) Very excited for what's to come and I will share more about my future plans with you all as they develop and unfold!! But BIG THINGS are in store for 2013!!

Right now, I am back in Australia with my family. It's so nice to be able to spend some quality time with them because once I go home to the States and my darling hubby-to-be, I won't be back here for a long while. My sister and I decided we wanted to make something sweet and was craving tahini! SO what did we do!? Make some delicious protein balls that are so easy to grab and eat as a sweet snack - but SUPER DOOPER nutritious as well as, of course, tasty!!

RAW Chocolate, Tahini and Hemp Protein Balls

1/2 C Hemp Seeds
6 T Cacao powder
2 T Chia Seeds
3 T Agave Syrup
1 t Vanilla extract
2 T Coconut Oil
3 T Unhulled Tahini

Put Hemp seeds, cacao and chia seeds into a bowl and mix
Add Agave, vanilla, coconut oil and tahini and mix until combined
You do not want it to be sloppy wet, add a little more dry ingredients if need be
Roll mixture into balls and place in a container, and then into the freezer
The mixture won't be firm, however the coconut oil will solidify the balls in the freezer
Store in the fridge of freezer, as any heat will melt the balls

Makes about 10 balls

♥ LOVE BEC ♥  


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